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  • Single Can Treats 50+ Applications
Single Can Treats 50+ Applications

What is PristineCollars?

PristineCollars is a preventative product that is sprayed on the collar prior to wearing the shirt. This protective barrier prevents yellowing of the collar from perspiration, also protects the collars from makeup, oil, spills, sun screen  and more.  PristineCollars is 100% Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly filling technology Bag-On-Valve (BOV).  

BOV aerosols can be sprayed at any angle including upside down and is Non-Flammable.  99% of the product sprays freely without wasting any product left in the can.

Also can be used to protect other areas of your shirt for example; Cuffs, Pockets, and Armpits.  We recommend spraying after each washing.  Can be used on all colors and most material. However, It is important to test it out in a smaller area first.  

Easy to Use!  Just spray about 4" away once each direction and let dry.

How to prevent ring around the collar stains.

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