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Collar Spray
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Collar Spray

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25% Off Limited Time Offer (Treat 50+ collars which is about $ .28 an application). 

🛑 Stop stains before they happen. 🛑 Spray on a protective barrier before you get dressed.

✅ Stop Ring Around the Collar  ✅ Stop Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals  ✅ Stop Spending Time Scrubbing & Soaking  ✅ Stop Wearing out the Collar before the Shirt

    Preventing  stains use to be hard, if not impossible, but not now!   Our 3 oz single can will treat 50+ collars.

    Keep your Collars looking newer longer. PristineCollars gives your Collar fabric fibers repellency to help protect against perspiration, makeup and spray tan stains. Strong protection pushes stains away from collar fabric fibers. Stains release with dry cleaning or gentle washing or cleaning. This spray won't change the look, feel, or breathability of your Collar when used as directed and is odorless when dry.