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PristineCollars how to prevent ring around the collar, collar stains
collar stains, ring around the collar
pristinecollars, prevent ring around the collars, collar stains

3oz single can

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25% Off Limited Time Offer (Treat 50+ collars which is about $ .28 an application). 

🛑 Stop stains before they happen. 🛑 

Spray on a protective barrier before you get dressed.

 ✅ Stop Ring Around the Collar

 ✅ Stop Using Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

 ✅ Stop Spending Time Scrubbing & Soaking

 ✅ Stop Wearing out the Collar before the Shirt

    Preventing  stains use to be hard, if not impossible, but not now!   Our single can will treat 50+ collars.

    Spray on before wearing your favorite shirts to carry on with confidence. This formula prevents stains from sweat, oil, makeup, dirt, and more. 100% Non-Toxic and Easy to Use. 

    So now, when you go to wash your shirt, you will no longer have to spend time soaking, scrubbing or use harsh chemicals to remove the dirt, makeup or perspiration from your Shirt.  Because it will all dissolve away in the wash.  Roger and I use our Product on everything now and love it!

    Protect more than just your WHITE Collars!  Pockets, Cuffs, Armpits, Inside, Outside, all over Your Shirt (All Colors), Men, Woman, and Kids clothing.