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Have you heard the NEWs?  We launched PristineCollars at the 2019 Clean Show in New Orleans. 

We created this product because of the yellowing on his collars (ring around the collar).  Finally, there is something to protect his white collars and create an additional revenue stream for the Dry Cleaners.  We believe that the Dry Cleaner business is a viable solution for us to partner with and to wholesale our product. 

Whether you sell PristineCollars as an over the counter product to your existing customers to use on their shirts/clothing not brought into your store, or you choose to sell as an additional add-on Service option.  Either way, you can add additional profit to the bottom line and attract new customers to shop locally.  Due to the decline in professional attire to casual, this gives you a new revenue option not previously available.

PristineCollars is a preventative product that is sprayed on the collar prior to wearing the shirt. This protective barrier prevents yellowing of the collar from perspiration, makeup, oil, spills, sunscreen and more.  100% Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable, Eco-Friendly filling technology known as Bag-On-Valve (BOV) which is non-flammable aerosol.

The shirt will still get dirty, but it will be easier to clean and less likely to stain. Also, can be used to protect other areas of the shirt/clothing for example; Cuffs, Pockets, Armpits, Inside, Outside, and all over the Shirt.  Men, Woman and Kids clothing.  We recommend spraying after each washing.  Can be used on all colors and most material. However, it is important to test it out in a smaller area first.  Easy to Use!  Just spray about 4" away once each direction and let dry.

Since our product falls into a new category, it does require training the consumer as well as your Staff.  Which is why we have developed some marketing material to display on your front door and cash register.  It has been recommended by one of our Dry Cleaner Partners to velcro a can to the cash register due to the lack of counter space.  

We hope you will decide to become one of our Wholesale Partners.  Please fill out the Wholesale Register Form today to get started.  Or if you would prefer to speak with us, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@pristinecollars.com

Warm Regards,

   Terry & Roger