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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t my Dry Cleaner remove the yellowing from my collar?

Answer: The sweat works like a dye (i.e. yellow) and once the perspiration gets into the fiber it has now dyed that fiber. If the perspiration does not get into the fiber, the Dry Cleaners can clean it out.  PristineCollars puts a protective barrier on the fiber preventing the perspiration from dying the fiber.

Can I use PristineCollars on other areas of my shirt?

Answer: Yes, you can use PristineCollars on other areas of the shirt (i.e. pockets, underarms, cuffs). When spraying the underarm area, be sure to spray onto the inside of the shirt.

How often do I need to apply PristineCollars to my collar?

Answer: Each time the shirt is dry cleaned or laundered.

Can PristineCollars be used on all fabrics and color?

Answer: Yes

How do I apply PristineCollars to my shirt?

Answer: Wipe dirt and dust off of the collar. Test on inconspicuous small area. Aim can 4 inches from collar and apply a generous amount of this product to the area to be treated and spread evenly.  Allow collar to air dry at room temperature.

How long does it take PristineCollars to dry?

Answer: Depends on the fabric, but usually about 30 minutes.

Does PristineCollars change the color or the feeling of the fabric?

Answer: No

Where can I purchase PristineCollars?

Answer: PristineCollars can be purchased at your local Dry Cleaners location. If they are not currently carrying our product yet, have them contact us at